How is the deer antler aquired?

- Deer shed their full antlers annually. People known as "Shed Hunters" spend time searching the ground for shed antlers known as, "sheds". - Shedz does not acquire antler from hunted deer, all of our products are cruelty free.

Do you only use deer antlers?

- Yes, antlers shed by elk, moose, jackalope, etc. have a lot more empty space in them, which was the marrow within the antler. The keratin is less dense as well, which causes the bone to deteriorate much more quickly when exposed to heat and abrasion. - Deer antler is, in terms of density and structure, an excellent material for use as a pipe. The marrow inside the deer antlers is removed in the manufacturing process.

What makes a Shedz pipe different from typical glass and metal pipes?

- Unlike glass and metal, the antler will transfer less heat, by absorption, and localized dissipation. This will allow the user to handle the pipe easily during and after use, with less risk of scalded fingertips. The antler also provides a cooler draw, compared to that of some other methods. Glass and metal can get overheated, possibly causing micro burns in the mouth and throat after only a few minutes of use. - Glass and metal pipes usually require heavy amounts of chemicals, and accessing clogged areas can be tricky. Cleaning a Shedz pipe is much simpler. Please see our maintenance guide in the FAQ section near the bottom. - Fragility is not an issue for a Shedz pipe. Reasonable drops, fumbles, tosses, etc. will not destroy the pipe. It is possible to chip the antler material, but your pipe will most likely still be quite usable.

What makes a Shedz pipe unique?

- Much like a fingerprint, each individual animal produces uniquely formed antlers. This means that every single Shedz pipe is absolutely unique. Our pipes feature various structure types, shapes, sizes, colours, and textures.
- Over time, you will notice your Shedz pipe getting darker. This occurs for two reasons.
- The area surrounding the bowl, will become dark brown and black from exposure to heat.
- The rest of the pipe will form what is called a “patina” which is caused when oils become embedded into the antler from being handled. Over time, this will cause more definition and texture to be shown in the piece, which becomes deeper and more detailed with age and use.

Is the website the only place I can currently purchase Shedz products?

- Yes, as we are currently in the early stages of our journey, we do not have any products available at retail locations.

When will Shedz have merchandise and apparel available?

- We have an apparel line set to possibly launch late 2021, with periodic releases of fresh gear. - To stay informed of new products, sign up for our mailing list. We will only contact you to introduce seasonal sales, or adding products to our existing line.

Maintenance Guide - Cleaning

- Our Shedz pipes come with high grade pipe cleaners. If you need more, they can be purchased at head shops. - Shedz pipes usually do not require cleaning after each use, however, they are easily cleaned right after being used. Clean at your own discretion as this is personal preference. - If your pipe becomes too clogged that you are unable to smoke from it, you can preheat your oven to 250 degrees, place the pipe on the center rack of the oven until it is preheated. Then, you can use a pair of tongs or oven mitts to handle the pipe. **WARNING: Do not leave your pipe in the oven for extended periods of time.** - Now that your pipe has been warmed up, you may use a pipe cleaner to unclog it. Your pipe is 1 of 2 shapes, either you can take the pipe cleaner and put it into one side of the pipe and pull it through the opposite end or your pipe might be angled and you won't be able to put a pipe cleaner all the way through. If this is the case, you will use one end of the pipe cleaner to go in one side, moving it in and out as far as it can go, put the other end of the pipe cleaner in the other side and repeat the same process.